We offers a variety of really exciting and unique adventure courses. From becoming a ranger to yacht master. Below you will find a couple of the unique adventure courses we have to offer. Are you interested in another course? Contact us directly and find out what other courses we have to offer.


The Game Ranger Course gives you an ideal introduction to the wildlife and habitats of South Africa. It is set in a magnificent game reserve in the Greater Kruger area, with superb wildlife viewing opportunities. During this intensive game ranger course, you’ll explore topics such as ecology, animal identification, wildlife behavior, tracking and botany alongside ranger skills such as bush craft, safety in the bush and an element of astronomy.


GAPAfrica offers this professional anti poaching course in one of the most pristine nature reserves in the Karoo, South Africa.
The anti poaching course teaches what it takes to work in the world of Anti-poaching in Africa. You will learn the basics in the art of man and animal tracking, the fundamentals of firearm handling, handgun and rifle shooting, hand to hand combat as well as bush survival.
This course is for everybody and for every level. A course can be adjusted to your liking. A 10 day option can be arranged for groups who wish to put their learning to the test and spend 2 nights and 2 days at the end of the course living and surviving on their own in the African bush.


Cape Town has been a historical sailing centre since Bartholomeas Dias in 1486 sailed passed the Cape of good Hope. It is still well known in the yachting world as a critical turning point. Where the two Atlantic and Indian ocean come together, creates the perfect conditions to become a qualified RYA yachtmaster, in just 17 weeks. Part of this course includes an ocean crossing to either Mauritius or Saint Helena. Other elements which are handled in the course are; STCW basic training certificates and a 2 day exam on the RYA requirements. After completing this course you will  have the experience and competency to skipper a yacht on passages of any length in all parts of the world.


The marine life in the waters off South Africa’s shores is world-renowned for its complexity and diversity. If you’ve always been fascinated with marine wildlife and would like to assist in conserving and researching during your gap year in South Africa, you’ve come to the right place!

GAPAfrica shares your passion and need to look after marine wildlife, whether it be sharks, whales, penguins, various seabirds, dolphins or seals. This marine course teaches you to look after threatened marine wildlife species in the South African context.


This long range shooting course is on special request only and certain background checks will have to be conducted beforehand. We offer a highly unique professional course; Long Range Shooting Course Level 1, which is conducted by a former special forces operator and military sniper who specializes in small team tactics.
Learn the art of long distance shooting, adjustments necessary due to special shooting conditions, maintenance of the correct equipment necessary, Field craft and stalking and about the maintenance of a sniper data book.
This course is for everybody and for every level. On completing Level 1 a level 2 course can be arranged to further your skills.


Combat, survival, training, wilderness and Africa. These elements combined will give you not only a unique life experience, but also a very valuable one. The harsh Karoo climate will teach you how to become the new Bear Grills.

This combat training survival course will teach you the latest combat techniques to defend against hand to hand, hand to knife, hand to gun and hand to stick attacks, the fundamentals of how a firearm works and how to safely handle and shoot a hand gun or semi-automatic rifle in a combat situation.