We offer a variety of culinary courses. From getting to know all the South African wines to learning how to make cape-malay dishes. Our courses differ in length; from a couple hours to a couples weeks. Below you will find a couple of courses we have to offer. Are you interested in another sport course? Contact us directly and find out what other courses we have to offer.


South Africa is known for its amazing wine. Are you a wine lover and always wanted to learn basic skills to identify and appreciate South African wines? We offer a professional sommelier course in the heart of South Africa’s winelands.
Learn basic skills to identify and appreciate South African wines.


Coffee culture is alive in kicking in Cape Town. There is a vibrant community of coffee roasters and baristas that ply their trade throughout the city. Plug into this exciting industry by doing a barista course! GAPAfrica works with one of the best-known barista teaching facilities in Cape Town, that has their own brand, coffee shop and state-of-the-art training space.
This professional barista course is suitable for adventurers who simply want to learn how to make a great cup of coffee AND those individuals who want to build out their skill set to further their career in the food & beverage industry.


Being a bartender is more than just shaking up some cocktails and served it with a classy style. It is an internationally recognized profession. It is about showing a high level of hospitality and ability. GAPAfrica works with an international established partner for the best bartender course on the planet. They have a leading bartending schools in South Africa and the UK. They are dedicated to providing bartending; cocktail and flair related training courses of superior quality.
This is made possible by the team of expert trainers, with over 50 year’s of industry experience that managed the school. The training academies offer a definitive range of accredited hospitality courses from cocktail masterclasses to professional and advanced bartender courses and flair courses, offering a turnkey training solution for hospitality businesses and individuals.


What better place to take this professional culinary course in Cape Town where it all started back in the day. GAPAfrica works with a Cooking School whom specializes in training galley chefs seeking an easy access point to start a life traveling the world on Superyachts or smaller vessels.
The Superyacht Chef Course is a 5-day training course which provides you with practical knowledge and know-how to start their culinary journey at sea, incorporating delicious and interesting recipes to build confidence in any galley. Their training prepares you for most culinary eventualities at sea with emphasis on the modern Superyacht Industry and its typical demands in the varying roles.


Experience the extraordinary cuisine of the Cape Malay community in the colorful Bo-Kaap and learn how to cook traditional dishes like roti and samosas. After cooking, you can enjoy all the delicious food that you have created and after dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to walk around in the Bo-Kaap and buy some local spices. Workshop from 2-3 hours.


This chocolate course learns you how to make the most beautiful cupcakes, macarones, truffles, cookies and much more. Both daytime and evening courses available. You’ll be under the expert guidance of passionate Master Chocolatiers.