We offer a broad selection of creative courses. Great to learn something new, next to volunteering or your internship. Below you will find a couple of creative courses we have to offer. Are you interested in another sport course? Contact us directly and find out what other courses we have to offer.


Dreaming of becoming an actor is what most people do. Only few people have got the nerve of actually giving it a try. GAPAfrica offers the best professional acting course available on an international level. Starting at level one up to level 4. Coached by awarded professionals with a lot of experience.
This professional creative course culminates in the performance of a scene for filming and a monologue for live performance. Students who complete the course are encouraged to move on to Level 2, where they will acquire further skills and prepare for work in front of the camera. Many of our part time course students have gone on to enroll in our dynamic and popular 2 Year Acting for Film Program.


Master the art of yoga. It is a great professional creative course to start with in any particular time in your life. Improve both your physical and mental well-being through the regular practice of yoga. Do want to learn how to meditate and become an actual Yoga teacher yourself. It will give you and others around peace for a lifetime. GAPAfrica has partnered with the best yoga school of Cape Town offering all the different yoga types; Bikram, Yo Bikram, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa flow yoga.


On your gap year abroad you should march to the rhythm of your own drum – even if that means learning how to play it! Cape Town and South Africa has a rich musical history that dates back to the mystical Khoisan tribes who once grazed their herds in the shadows of Table Mountain. Tap into this inimitable historical tapestry and make your mark by learning how to play a musical instrument while you’re here.
GAPAfrica offers a variety of professional creative course(s) in music.


GAPAfrica has selected the best partner for a photography course in Cape Town. They are located in the centre of Cape Town. They offer both full-time and part-time professional photographic course(s). The focus is to provide quality teaching and learning experiences for all our students. We aim to develop creative, thinking photographers.

The part-time courses include a wide variety of introductory and advanced photographic classes. Like the full-time course, classes are small for personalized training and emphasis is placed on individual participation and group interaction. Most of the part-time courses are between three and ten weeks long and are offered as either morning or evening sessions. We also offer short intensive courses, one-on-one personalized sessions and weekend workshops.


Lots of different professional art course(s), like Oil/Acrylic Painting course, Drawing for Adults course, Art for teenagers course and much more. There is also the possibility to join a workshop and focus on other skills, like how to paint buildings and perspectives etc.


Dreaming of writing a novel or a short story? Looking to add more flair to your blog writing, copywriting or creative prose? Creative writing is a skill that takes practice and careful development, and many authors struggle to get published owing to their lack of technical story development understanding. This online short course will allow you to grow your creative writing competency supported by a community of fellow aspiring creative writers and guided by accomplished author.

Are you interested in other writing or online professional creative course(s)? Find out what other online courses we have to offer and contact us directly.