Professional business short courses

We offers a variety of professional business online courses. A great opportunity to learn expand your current skills or learn something new. Most of the courses, you can follow online and even finish while travelling. Professional online courses are the perfect option when travelling, learning and experiencing when abroad.
Below you will find a couple of courses we have to offer. Are you interested in another professional business online course? Contact us directly and find out what other courses we have to offer.


Take your business and career to new heights with a professional management course designed specifically for business management professionals. In just 10 weeks, you’ll walk away with the knowledge and confidence to: Conduct market analyses using Porter’s five force model, use SWOT analysis theory to define microeconomics factors that will affect your business management techniques and success, understand external macro-environmental factors using STEEPLE analysis and define and maximize your sustainable competitive advantages using the SELECT framework.


Our world is defined by technology. Without IT managers, businesses will stagnate. You could be responsible for the growth, success and relevance of your organization by mastering your IT management skills on this IT Management Course. With this course, you’ll be recognized for your ability to:

  • Identify, implement and then maintain the best IT processes for your specific organization
  • Master the management of mobile and cloud computing and focus attention on the challenges surrounding remote access
  • Predict and manage potential cyber security issues that threaten the success of your organization using the most relevant tools from this.


The value of clear communication in the professional workplace cannot be overstated. GAPAfrica offers this professional corporate training course that will give you the confidence and the valuable tools to be able to state your case confidently and with ease.
This course is tailor-made for professionals who want to learn how to communicate authentically in meetings, conferences and presentations. Get the tools you need to find your innate communication style, so you may embrace corporate challenges with confidence and showcase your abundant abilities.


This presentation skills course is normally presented to large groups of corporate delegates, but can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Our highly-trained course instructors will guide you in delivering a memorable presentation by teaching you to develop a concise, structured, and memorable message, and focusing on presenting your content in a captivating and impactfull way.
Theory is then put into practice throughout various presentation scenarios. The experiential portion of the course allows participants to test their new skills in an environment in which they can receive feedback, assess their progress, and make improvements based on real-time critique and video playback of their performances.


This entrepreneurship course will define and achieve your strategic business objectives and give you an insight on the areas of leadership, finance, customer satisfaction and problem-solving. Gain a holistic understanding of business functions and develop a more integrated business management strategy to ensure your business’s success. You’ll learn about customer research survey design, and quality assurance – based on leading theoretical concepts and real-world case studies. Being able to state your case confidently and with ease is an invaluable tool that will further your career in a variety of ways.


Cape Town is a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures and languages, which makes it the perfect place to upgrade your existing language skills or learn a brand new one!
GAPAfrica works with an internationally recognized language school. They offer the following courses; English Language (Standard, Intensive and Private Courses)Business English, Internationally recognized CELTA Teacher Training, Aviation English, Cambridge courses: CAE, CPE, FCE.