About GAP Africa: Internship or volunteering in South Africa


GAP Africa assist with placing you with an internship- or volunteer project, in South Africa,that fits with your interest and background. We believe that your time and efforts are best rewarded when the programme you choose is tailored to your unique skill set, interests and requirements.

So rather than following the standard cookie-cutter approach that simply seeks to put bums on seats and shovels in hands, we offer:


We realize that no two people are alike, which is why we customize each plan to suit the individual. Depending on your interests and desired outcomes, we will match you with a volunteer project or internship organization(or both!), arrange suitable accommodation and assist you with the logistics of getting around once you’ve arrived. If the volunteer project, internship or accommodation does not turn out to be what you had in mind, we will happily work with you to find a suitable alternative. Our team is always on standby to offer assistance and on-the-ground support.


Our fee structure is based on the belief that your money should work to support the volunteer project of your choice. As such, our services are subject to a once-off, standardized administration fee. Furthermore, our unique, person-to-person business model allows us the time to shop around with our clients to tailor a flexible travel- and accommodation package that makes the most of the exchange rate and takes their budget into account.

Should the project you choose to get involved with charge a volunteering fee, we happily assist in the transfer of the funds. Should they not, we can discuss the possibility of a charitable donation on your part, should you see fit.


The GapAfrica team will help you to put together an itinerary that makes the most of your time during your internship or volunteering abroad. Aside from pairing you with the project(s) of your choice, we are also able to assist you with placement in language-, music- and academic short courses, as well as providing our professional travel planning services so you can explore our beautiful country safely and conveniently. Having lived in this beautiful country our entire lives, we are able to point you to hidden gems that don’t necessarily grace the front pages of travel brochures and guide you along the roads less travelled.


The GapAfrica team promotes full cultural immersion through accommodation with locals. By sharing digs with or staying in the homes of the locals you will experience our unique heritage first hand, get to know the people that make our country the wonderful place it is, and truly get a glimpse of what it means to contribute to a burgeoning culture that seeks to provide equal opportunities for all its citizens. We also arrange cultural excursions and events where volunteers and interns can meet like-minded locals and other visiting volunteers on their gap year. This is where you will build up an invaluable social network for the duration of your stay and beyond.

To find out how we can help you to make your volunteering dreams become a reality, contact one of our hands-on consultants today.