Dyer Island

Dyer Island is close to Gansbaai and is home to a large colony of Cape fur seals. This particular island is famous for one deadly reason – Great White sharks use the nearby deep water to launch themselves out of the water in vicious aerial attacks on seals moving to and from the safety of the island.
Dyer Island is also home to a breeding population of the highly-endangered African penguin. This penguin is only found off the coastline of south-western South Africa and Namibia. It has undergone a dramatic decline in population especially between 1920-1950 because of food competition with commercial fisheries, habitat modification because of guano harvesting and historic over-exploitation of the penguins’ eggs for food. The rapid decline in numbers has continued in recent years; from 69 000 breeding pairs in 2001 only 20 000 breeding pairs were estimated to remain in 2011.