The young professional who wants to shake things up

So, you’ve had your nose at the grindstone for a few years, but you feel like it’s time for a brand-new challenge – maybe you’d like to start your own venture or you’re biting at the bit to learn more about another industry. Whatever the case may be, NOW is the time to take the gap, build out your skill set and get your foot on the first rung of the career ladder you really want to climb.

We’ll tailor a working gap year that will allow you to improve yourself on a professional level. This could include a variety of professional management courses, IT training, presentation skills training and all sorts of opportunities to learn more about another profession on the highest level.

The sports enthusiast with their eyes on the prize

You live for the moments that you can indulge in your favourite sports activity and dream about going pro or becoming an instructor so you can share your love of the game with others.

At GAPAfrica we are affiliated with a wide variety of professional sport institutes, which means we can create a gap year adventure that allows you to pursue your passions in golf, yoga, diving, kite surfing, cricket and so much more.

The culinary artist with a taste for adventure

You are a chef or fledgling foodie who wants to broaden their horizons by opening their own coffee shop or wine bar, working on a yacht as they jet around the globe or pursue an exciting new branch of cookery.

GAPAfrica offers courses that will give you an internationally recognized certificate as a barista, chef, wine connoisseur, winemaker and more!

The retiree who has no intention of gathering dust

You’ve worked hard your whole life and now it’s time to do exactly want you want to do. Congratulation! Your time is finally your own, so let us help you use it to your advantage. We could arrange that you pass on your hard-won knowledge by volunteering at suitable agencies or we could hook you up with some fine folks who could teach you a new skill – the sky’s the limit.
Here’s some examples of retiree gap year programmes we’ve created for satisfied GAPAfrica so far:

LEON came to Cape Town for three months, of which the final three weeks were spent travelling. During his time in the Mother City he worked as a volunteer three days per week at organisations related to nature and animals. He also took an English course to improve his diction two days per week, explored the city and its surrounds over weekends and took up kite surfing as a new hobby. He stayed privately.

MARGARET visited Cape Town for three months and worked as a volunteer at animal-related charities one day per week. She took a language course two days per week and spent the rest of her time as an intern at a company in an industry she never worked in before. She stayed with a host family and explored the Cape Winelands over weekends.

ANDREW came to Cape Town with the express purpose of bettering himself while sharing his knowledge with others. We assisted him in finding a volunteer position at a NGO that could use his expertise two days per week and enrolled him in a professional course to build out his skill set. We also helped him to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer by taking a photography course. Andrew stayed in private accommodation.

CLAUS, a retired business man, came to Cape Town to pursue his love of languages and take an in-depth English language course. Additionally, he signed up for a game ranger course and then spent his last three weeks travelling throughout South Africa. He stayed in private accommodation and we helped him to tailor his entire itinerary.

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