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You have the look of someone who’s about ready to set off on a grand adventure. In fact, your wanderlust is so immense it’s almost palpable my friend. Let me guess – your passport is tragically lacking in entry stamps and you’ve been itching to set off to explore the world for a while now. But you don’t just want to go traipsing around the globe willy-nilly. You want to contribute to the good of mankind while you’re at it and use your unique skills to shake up the status quo. Simply put – you’re looking for the opportunity to make a true, tangible difference and leave your mark upon the world. Am I right?


Have a look at our various serivices.

GAP Africa Professional Courses

Professional Courses

We offer a variety of different professional courses. We have separated them in 5 different topics


GAP Africa Professional Courses

Job Shadowing

Test-driving a career. Apply directly to inform us what you look for. Great to combine with short courses.

GAP Africa Professional Courses

Leisure Courses

We offer a variety of different professional courses. We have separated them in 5 different topics


GAP Africa Volunteering


We offer a range of different volunteer projects

Animal welfare
Community projects
Nature conservation

GAP Africa Internship


Apply directly to inform us what kind of internship you look for.

GAP Africa Tours


Get your own unforgettable Africa experience. Book a tour with us and receive our agent discount rate.

GAP Africa Accommodation


A place to hang your hat, let us know where you sleep best 🙂

Activities & Excursions

Hence our 20 year tourism experience in Cape Town pick our brain for local adventures

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GAP Africa Core Values are as following


Individualized and Flexible




Comprehensive Travel & Learning Experience


Cultural Immersion

We realise that no two people are alike, which is why we customise each plan to suit you.

Our fee structure is based on the belief that your money should work to support the project of your choice.

Our team will help you to put together an itinerary that makes the most of your time here.

The GapAfrica team promotes full cultural immersion through accommodation with locals

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Volunteering at Marine Dynamics with GAPAfrica

Marine Dynamics runs a volunteer program whereby international and South African volunteers can contribute to marine conservation. This includes accommodation on site with your fellow volunteers, and assisting on various aspects of Marine Dynamics’ research and...

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust

Sadly a number of marine animals are threatened by human activities. Marine conservation is a core component of Marine Dynamics. The Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) was founded in 2006. Ongoing scientific research programs on the endangered African penguin,...

On the hunt for the Marine Big Five

Because of its proximity to Dyer Island, Gansbaai is an excellent place to view the so-called Marine Big Five: Great white sharks, Cape fur seals, dolphins, whales and the highly endangered African penguin. Bevan and I spent the day with Marine Dynamics in Gansbaai...

Learning more about the Marine Big 5 in Gansbaai

The cold, productive ocean off the Western Cape coastline is alive with life. The food-rich waters support large schools of filter-feeding fish like sardines and anchovies which in turn attract predators. African penguins, gannets and other seabirds as well as Cape...

Dyer Island

Dyer Island is close to Gansbaai and is home to a large colony of Cape fur seals. This particular island is famous for one deadly reason – Great White sharks use the nearby deep water to launch themselves out of the water in vicious aerial attacks on seals moving to...

Test week is over!

It´s friday again! Couldn´t believe how fast time is running in this country! After an exciting testing week we are all happy to have Weekend now. I hope that everyone is happy with their results from the test! In my class it was a bit sad because out of 5 people just...

My class this week

Today I like to present you my class from this week. It was the B2.2 class (Upper-Intermediate) and our lovely teacher was Dani≈ll together we were five people from all over the world and in all ages. There was Victoria from Spain, Rayan fro Saudi Arabia, Svetlana...

My weekend

International House Cape Town gives you the opportunity to join different activities around Cape Town with your schoolmates. Every monday morning the social activity board will be updated and you can have a look at the activities for this week.Each day, excluding...

It´s testing week!

Almost finished my first week at International House Cape Town! Guys, it´s friday and it´s almost weekend! This weekend I have too many plans … beeing in Cape Town makes you always busy 😉 So what are you up to? Fridays at school are always special and a bit...